5 day Romiromi Course

5 day Romiromi wānanga

If you have attended our 1, 2 and 3 day trainings then we invite you to come along and experience our 5 day immersive wānanga.

During this wānanga we will do a deeper dive into the realms of everything we have covered so far. The esoteric, celestial realms, the grounded terrestial realms, while establishing stong connections to ourselves, each other and these realms.

This 5 day immersive experience will begin to really tap into our potential to create shifts and integrate the learnings, enabling us to go deeper and create the solid foundation for each of us to stand on.

If you are serious about wanting to walk towards becoming a practitioner, or feel compelled to take the next leap in your healing journey, then this is the wānanga for you.


We will learn takutaku, and more indepth bodywork.

We will delve deeper into the realms of the three hearts and the many ways they influence and impact our daily lives and assist us in our work as space holders for people as they walk their healing journey.

As always, the journey is first walking our own healing and then learning how we can apply that to those that ask for our tautoko.

*These wānanga can be activating and given this, we ask you to apply to attend this wananga. We will then be in contact to arrange a korero and go from there.


Our facilitator is Hera Cotter.

Iwi: Ngati Kahu ki Whangaroa, Nga Puhi,

Hera is of Ngati Kahu ki Whangaroa descent, an experienced Kairomiromi with a passion for our traditional healing arts and education.  She comes from a long line of healers.

Hera was involved in the world of education when everything changed and she began her own healing journey.  Hera learnt a lot about many different healing modalities on this journey which eventually led her to our traditional healing practices.  It felt like coming home and Hera couldn’t get enough.  She immersed herself in this world, living and breathing wānanga during these years.

She learnt a lot about herself along the way.  As Hera says, one of the most important aspects in healing others is to first look at ourselves.

“I had to reflect on myself and see the traits that were causing my dis-ease, my inability to be my true self.  I had to evolve, I had to heal.”  Raised within the esoteric teachings of the Sufi tradition meant learning from a young age the importance of opening ones heart and being of service in the pursuit of truth.

Hera is driven to create change in our world, uplifting and empowering people to heal themselves and those around them and believes that the knowledge and tools of our ancestors is a very powerful way to heal, release trauma and set ourselves and others free of the past.

Hera trained for several years, under the guidance of Ruatau Perez – a student of Papa Hohepa Delamare – to practice the art of romiromi/mirimiri and also to hold space for healing.  Be it working with groups in wānanga or one-on-one.

They travelled around the motu over the years of her training.  Sharing wānanga from Otangaroa in the far north, to Hastings – all the way down to Te Wai Pounamu, Australia and Europe.

Once you have completed our 1 day foundation, you can proceed to the 2-day practitioner wananga and begin learning the traditional healing arts or the mau te rongo wananga to take another step along your personal journey of healing.

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