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Mixed 1-day Wānanga: (via-Zoom) 

Te Whare A-Io presents The Evolution of timeless energy. 

Nau piki mai, kake mai ki Te Whare A-Io, welcome to the place of peace under the sacred learning house of A-Io facilitated by our Tohunga Ngarino Beez Te Waati. 



Turuki Enrolled Whānau (patients) are FREE and you can register your interest via the below link. *Note – this does not guarantee a place on the wānanga.



Mixed – Te Whare Ā-Io 1 day wānanga: Online Zoom

Logon by 830am, Start 9am, finish 5pm

This one-day wānanga is a sacred space of learning to breathe, feel and flow in your own greatness. Come and learn about our energy and the balance we need in our everyday lives. Come and learn about the atua, their gifts and their connection to us. You will experience Orokoroa (states of Maori Meditation), Maramataka (Celestial knowledge) Wairua (spiritual awareness) and so much more.

These new learnings will help you to deal with any past trauma, blocks, and intergenerational trauma that you have or, may have in your life. This is about healing yourself, so your Mokopuna are set free.

This wānanga “Matatautanga” is a journey of self discovery, self evolution and self awareness through the power of Aiotanga (peace and prosperity).

Cost is $150+gst  

 Fees are Non-refundable, Non-transferable, 2 weeks out from your wānanga date.


  • CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, SO YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR REALITY – We offer a range of indigenous healing modalities, that provide natural health and wellbeing benefits. By allowing you to look inward and tap into your subconscious mind so you can rewire negative thought patterns, creating lasting change in thoughts, emotions and behaviour to set you free from self-limiting beliefs.
  • RESTORE BALANCE AND RE-SET –When you’re out of balance this can manifest itself as physical or mental ailments that our indigenous model can aid. We have the capacity to heal ourselves. To do this, we need to restore balance and do a reset.
  • SELF-HEALING – When you take time out to reflect or meditate you can restore your balance which is essential for relaxation, creativity, insight and mindfulness. Our therapies make it possible for you to experience profound deep relaxation, bringing about complete balance and enabling your mind, body and soul to reset.
  • LEAVE WITH A BALANCED TINANA AND A CALM HINENGARO – Our intention is for you to leave with a balanced body, a calm mind and a new lease on life. You will have gained new strategies for removing distractions including relaxation techniques and self healing to bring about lasting change.

You will rediscover your inner soul, your inner beauty and unveil your best you.


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