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Soul Food Cooking Classes (Low Carb)


Mondays 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Location: Turuki Health Care Māngere, 2/32 Canning Crescent, Auckland 1001

Learn how to cook healthy nutritious kai on a budget, food and cooking stations provided.

Free Booking before hand is essential


Request to join the private “Low Carb Healthy Fanau” Facebook group


Find attached a selection of Low Carb & Keto recipes. (only viewable on computers or laptops)

You now have access to 100 + Recipes. There are plenty of options to entertain your curiosity. I have more options available if you require them. Please take the time to experiment with these.

To be successful, take the time to sit down and create a grocery list and eating plan to suit your needs. Involve the whanau when creating your personalised plan. Monday to Sunday.

They too can eat from the recipes provided.

Things to consider,

  • Planned treat/ takeaway meal in that week. (Remember research menus from your preferred vendor before going out. Remember you’re the paying customer, make decisions that align with your new lifestyle or close to).
  • Are you fasting (IT’S FREE) during the week. Using the template provided, write fasting in the box to suit your lifestyle.
  • During your busier days, prep is key. Use simple recipes or smoothie option that take little to prepare or just fast during these times.
  • Leftovers, This to can be great for busy days. When serving dinner, the night before, do an extra serve into your lunch container for the next day.
  • Create a start date. Mondays are always a great start day. Use the weekend to prepare. Prep your fridge & pantry. Take out foods that are our kryptonite. If they’re not there, the temptation is reduced Or eliminated.
  • Shop to the grocery list (Don’t get caught out by special sales. Unless it involves quality Wholefoods), Don’t shop on an empty stomach. Avoid isles that you know you have a weakness for. (SHOP ONLINE IF YOU KNOW YOU HAVE NO SELF CONTROL)

       As soon as our sensors come online with an empty stomach, we tend to make poor decisions regarding food choices.


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