Understanding and Developing Matekite

Wiremu Niania Cultural Therapy and Education in conjunction with Turuki Healthcare present a 3 day wananga called “Understanding and Developing Matekite” with Wiremu and Lesley Niania.

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What is it about?

There are a number of different people this wananga is for.  Perhaps you are one of the following?

  • You wonder if you are matekite (you see things, experience things, hear things, know things etc) and you want to understand  what you experience
  • As a child you had spiritual experiences but because you had no one to make sense of these things, you “turned it off”.  Now you feel drawn here again and want to know more.
  • You have moments when you are in the “Zone” but feel it happens randomly, not all the time and want to know how to develop it more.
  • You have been using your matekite gift and want to develop it to help others
  • Or you just KNOW you have to attend this wananga – you don’t know why – you just know you need to.

*Links to dates and Registration at the bottom of the page

This three day wananga is practical and is the foundation of identifying, understanding, developing and moving in matekite.

What does the curriculum cover?

There are THREE modules taught at Matekite.

MODULE ONE:  Tenei Au – Hononga Wairua

The focus for this very empowering module is to

  • identify and remove any blockages that would hinder you from perceiving Wairua, or anything that would paru te wai.
  • get to know yourself more and your preferred modality
  • Whakawetewete – letting go, elimination
  • Plus more


The focus of this module is to

  • Establish a daily practise to connect with and move in wairua
  • Identify the movement of wairua and move in your preferred modality – hearing, seeing, knowing etc
  • Recognising wairua with clarity – how to know it’s wairua and not you
  • Foundations to “readings
  • Plus more


The focus for this important module is to

  • Learn the boundaries of wairua – operate within them
  • Safe practice – for yourself and others
  • Establish accountability
  • Perceiving messages from wairua for others and the right timing
  • Karakia
  • Spiritual entities and authority
  • Plus more

*Links to dates and Registration at the bottom of the page

Cost for the wananga

The fee is covered in the link to dates and registration.

Ongoing development

After this course you may wish to register for the three year MAHI WAIRUA PRACTITIONERS COURSE, where you will be mentored by Wiremu Niania and Lesley Niania.

Wiremu Niania, tohunga, matekite has been operating in his gift throughout his lifetime – trained by his Tuhoe kuia and tohunga, Te Awhimate Trainor.  His matekite primary gift is seeing and healing.

Lesley Niania matekite has been operating in gift for approximately 30 years, primarily past and future.

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