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Orokoroa – Māori Meditation

Orokoroa – Māori Meditation


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Oro – Sound, vibration
Oko – Portal, sacredness
Roa – Journey, pathway

The sacred source of life that transcends timeless energy in motion and creates a collective consciousness to the highest source of supernatural beings. The Power of stillness OROKOROA.

FREE Beginner program has 6 videos.

        1. Takutaku (Learnt first and performed at the start and end of every session) 3 mins
        2. Paerangi (Sensory System engagement, performed in every session) 5 mins
        3. Taurite (Session focusing on Stillness or Balance) 17 mins
        4. Tuku (Session focusing on Release) 17 mins
        5. Hakiotanga (Session focusing on Reset or New Beginnings) 19mins
        6. Irohanga (Session focusing on Contemplation and Manifestation) 19 mins




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