Te Ara Tika – Quit Smoking

Te Ara Tika is Turuki Health Care’s unique cultural approach to help wāhine quit smoking.

This free 10 week programme is for wāhine (women) aged between 18-35 years of age.

Two Programme options:

Visit Korowai Info  Visit Maramataka Info

Kākahu / Korowai weaving (You can choose either: 10am Tuesday and Thursdays or 6pm Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Wāhine learn how to make kākahu / korowai. (Starting Feb 2023)

This approach interweaves matauranga (traditional Māori knowledge) and smoking cessation practises, to offer a unique approach to help you quit smoking.


Wāhine learn ancient mātauranga around nature, atua, moon cycles and the interconnection and insight for your emotions and wellbeing. This improved insight helps to quit smoking.

The Maramataka sessions are every Wed (starting Sept 2022) at either 1030am or 7pm.


Direct email enquiries

Email: mleggett@thc.org.nz


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