Māori and Pacific inspired designed Scrubs and Caps.

Composition : 78%Cotton 19%Polyester 3%Embroidery

Size Guide: Down further on this page.

Māori Design:

Pāua– for Maori the Pāua is a taonga (a treasure) and so are our staff. We wanted them to have a scrub design that was comfortable, versatile, had the right amount of pockets and looked great.

It is a common practice to gift Pāua shells to one another, the shell brings good luck, prosperity, and peace to the wearer. Medicinal lore say that these shells were used to treat a number of ailments and health conditions. Deficiency of calcium, hearing problems, nervous system disorders, etc., are some conditions that were treated with paua shells. This design is about the merging of 2 worlds for us, a reflection and acknowledgment of old and new but more importantly the merging of western with traditional practices.

Pacific Design:

Our pacific design for us is to acknowledge our Pacifica staff and whanau we support in our communities. We wanted (staff) to have a scrub design that was comfortable, versatile and looked great.

We wanted a beautiful design that they could be proud to wear. We chose this shade of brown to represent Papatuanuku (earth mother), our trees (Tane / rakau)and the many waka that have come and gone overtime in Aotearoa. We took concepts of Tapa and other modern concepts. We wanted a design that was about the integration of worlds.


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