Mixed – Te Whare Ā-Io 1day wānanga Jan 24, 2023 Online Zoom

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Mixed 1-day Wānanga: “Tai i te ao” (via-Zoom) 

Logon by 830am, Start 9am, finish 5pm (Cost $150+gst)
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Wānanga Date:

January 24th, 2023

Te Whare ~Āio presents – Tai i te ao

The tides of time Navigating life can be tiring and draining.

This one day online wānanga is a perfect opportunity to open possibilities and capitalise on paradigms you may not yet see in sight.

Your facilitator Ngarino Te Waati will share with you some of his secrets to success with a three step principle that you can apply immediately. If you are a small business owner, a ceo, an employee looking for promotion, a self made entrepreneur or even unemployed looking for a pathway to express your true potential then this could be the wānanga for you.

We also cater for mothers/fathers or guardians in care of our tamariki/mokopuna or whāngai to help navigate your living environment.

KAWANATANGA – Concepts of cultural governance starts in the home. This section proves to be a system to create flow, first in the being then in the human. Once the Tikanga has been set the home will flourish.

RANGATIRATANGA – leadership is a quality every household needs. If we are strong in the home we become strong as a collective and wellness takes care of its self. This section gives us absolute stability and cohesion. Ngarino has a formula many have applied and the tide begins to work in your favour.

MANAMOTUHAKE – Imagine having autonomy over your life from the air you breathe to the emotions you feel. This section speaks into the essence of energy and will leave you feeling weightless clear and ready for action.


Wānanga sessions

Takutaku – traditional incantation

Umutopa – sacred symbols

Orokoroa – States of consciousness

Kai o te rā


Apataki – Collective consciousness

Ururae – Cellular memory

Takutaku – Closing incantation

Come explore and expand beyond the horizon with Te Whare Āio and the whānau of Turuki Health Care.

Cost is $150+gst  

Fees are Non-refundable, Non-transferable, 2 weeks out from your wānanga date.


  • CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, SO YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR REALITY – We offer a range of indigenous healing modalities, that provide natural health and wellbeing benefits. By allowing you to look inward and tap into your subconscious mind so you can rewire negative thought patterns, creating lasting change in thoughts, emotions and behaviour to set you free from self-limiting beliefs.
  • RESTORE BALANCE AND RE-SET –When you’re out of balance this can manifest itself as physical or mental ailments that our indigenous model can aid. We have the capacity to heal ourselves. To do this, we need to restore balance and do a reset.
  • SELF-HEALING – When you take time out to reflect or meditate you can restore your balance which is essential for relaxation, creativity, insight and mindfulness. Our therapies make it possible for you to experience profound deep relaxation, bringing about complete balance and enabling your mind, body and soul to reset.
  • LEAVE WITH A BALANCED TINANA AND A CALM HINENGARO – Our intention is for you to leave with a balanced body, a calm mind and a new lease on life. You will have gained new strategies for removing distractions including relaxation techniques and self healing to bring about lasting change.

You will rediscover your inner soul, your inner beauty and unveil your best you.

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