Abuse in State Care – Te Reo Rokohuna

Te Reo Rokohuna – The arrival of our stolen voices.


Te Reo Rokohuna is an initiative of support for those of our people who have experienced abuse in State Care. We understand intimately how difficult this can be for our whanau to talk about, to revisit, to heal from.


Its important to us as a Māori provider in Tāmaki Makaurau to be able to hold space, to support and protect those of our people who have suffered unjustly through the process of State Care.


If you need help or support please contact us, so our team may be able to assist you.
*We use “Formsite”, one of the worlds most secure contact form platforms.
Your privacy and wishes around how you would like to proceed towards healing will not only be respected but will be absolutely paramount.



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